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Upgrade your home with our unbeatable bundle sale on top-of-the-line home appliances. From kitchen essentials to smart home gadgets, find everything you need to enhance your living space. Don’t miss out on these incredible deals! Shop now and save big on quality appliances for every room in your home.

Bundle Up: KD-65X80L, PS-T700BJ, CV-W2000 & FEO-R45 (TV, Washing Machine, Vacuum & Oven)

Experience Unparalleled Home Comfort with Bundle Up!
Introducing the KD-65X80L TV for immersive viewing, the PS-T700BJ Washing Machine for exceptional laundry results, the CV-W2000 Vacuum for effortless cleaning, and the FEO-R45 Oven for culinary perfection.

Your dream living space with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled convenience!

Bundle Up: KD-55X75K, AI-FF2-55 & AWB80-1699J (TV, Refrigerator & Washing Machine)

Bundle Up and Save Big with Our Ultimate Home Appliance Trio!
Introducing the KD-55X75K TV for immersive entertainment, the AI-FF2-55 Refrigerator for fresh food storage, and the AWB80-1699J Washing Machine for pristine laundry care.

Enjoy the perfect harmony of entertainment, freshness, and cleanliness!

Bundle Up: KD-55X75K, HT-G700 & WH-CH720N (TV, Soundbar & Headphone)

Immerse Yourself in Ultimate Entertainment!
KD-55X75K TV for breathtaking visuals, the HT-G700 Soundbar for immersive audio, and the WH-CH720N Headphones for personalized listening.

Create your own private theater right in your living room!

Bundle Up: AI-FC2-32 & AI-145CF (Refrigerator & Chest Freezer)

Chill Out with Bundle Up!
Presenting the AI-FC2-32 Refrigerator for fresh food storage and the AI-145CF Chest Freezer for extra freezing capacity.

Keep your groceries fresher for longer and store bulk items with ease.

Bundle Up: AR2203, FCK-180BK, RZ-ZH18Y & HMR-DR2012 (Vacuum, Kettle Rice, Cooker & Microwave Oven)

Elevate your kitchen and simplify household chores with our exclusive Bundle Up!
offer featuring the AR2203 Vacuum, FCK-180BK Kettle, RZ-ZH18Y Rice Cooker, and HMR-DR2012 Microwave Oven.

Upgrade your cooking and cleaning experience.

Bundle Up: FTP Fantasia 606, FIC 2020 & MM-23UX93 (Thermopot, Induction Cooker & Microwave Oven)

Transform your kitchen into a culinary haven
featuring the FTP Fantasia 606 Thermopot, FIC 2020 Induction Cooker, and MM-23UX93 Microwave Oven.

Streamline your cooking process and elevate your culinary creations with this versatile appliance trio.

Bundle Up: FM335, MM-W30PG98 & WKBE221 (Stand Mixer, Microwave Oven & Table Blender)

Upgrade your kitchen game!
showcasing the FM335 Stand Mixer, MM-W30PG98 Microwave Oven, and WKBE221 Table Blender.

Elevate your culinary experience and unleash your creativity with this powerful trio of kitchen essentials.

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