R-VX490PB9 (407L net) | Stylish Deluxe Series


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Top Freezer
Door2 Door
SeriesStylish Line Series
Net Capacity (L) *1Total : 407
Refrigerator : 298
Freezer : 109
Gross Capacity (L) *2Total : 443
Refrigerator : 310
Freezer : 133
Dimensions (mm)Width : 680
Height : 1,770
Depth with Handle : 720
Depth without Handle : 720
INVERTER × Dual Fan Cooling
Refrigerator CompartmentSelectable Zone
Tempered Glass Shelves
LED Light
Vegetable Compartment
Freezer CompartmentMovable Twist Ice Tray
Tempered Glass Shelf
General FeaturesDual Sensing Control (Eco Thermo Sensor)
Powerful Deodorization Triple Power Filter
Common FeaturesRefrigerant R-600a / CFC-Free / HFC-Free / No Frost /
Moldproof Door Gasket
ColourBrilliant Silver (BSL) / Brilliant Black (BBK)

◎Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.
◎Colour tone of actual products may differ from those shown on the websıte.


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Powerful Deodorisation

Triple Power Filter
Triple Power Filter removes odour components*1 and removes bacteria 99%.*2

Onions and Garlic
Methyl Mercaptan

Raw Fish


*1 Triple Power Filter that catches and removes 7 odour components (Tested by Hitachi. The type of odours : Methyl Mercaptan, Ammonia, Acetaldehyde, Trimethylamine, Propanal, Hexanal and Acetic Acid).
*2 Thus also provides a sterilising effect. Combining the properties of Activated Carbon, Zeolite and Manganese Oxide (catalyst), the filter greatly reduces the percentage of odours present over time. Testing organisation : Boken Quality Evaluation Institute. Testing method : Film adhesion method (JISZ2801). Name of processing component : Filter. Sterilisation method : Application of oxidation catalyst to filter. Subject : Bacteria trapped in filter. Test results : 99% sterilised after 24 hours, achieved using the filter alone. No effect on the environment and food inside the refrigerator.

Vegetable Compartment

Provides plenty of space to store large fruits and vegetables and to keep them fresh at its optimal environment.

Big, Movable Twist Ice Tray

You can move the ice tray or even remove it for a more convenient and efficient use of storage space.
The newly developed ice box has a big 5.3L capacity, which is convenient for various occasions such as parties.

Big Capacity 5.3L

* Without ice tray.

Mould-free Door Gasket

Thanks to Hitachi’s mouldproofing treatment, the door gasket is mould-free and kept clean.

Tempered Glass Shelves

Scratch-proof and heat-resistant, the tempered glass shelves can even hold up to 100kg* each.
* Weight resistance of the tempered glass. Images are for illustrative purpose only.

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