SRS-XV900 | High Power Wireless Speakers


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Stunning sounds from a wireless speaker

With the highest sound pressure in Sony’s wireless speaker range and a huge 25 hours of battery life, the new Sony XV900 is always ready to party.


Life should be lived at full volume. That means getting your friends together, turning up the music to full volume and dancing all night to clear, rich sound.
With our new X-series range of speakers, you can make the most of every single moment, power parties you’ll remember forever, and always live your life out loud.

Image of a person dancing to the X-Series speaker range

Sound and lights combine for better parties

Turn on instant atmosphere with Omnidirectional Party Sound and mood-adding ambient light.

Enhance all your TV viewing in the comfort of your home

Take your TV watching experience to the next level with deep bass and room-filling sound provided by the TV Sound Booster.

Image of people enjoying the TV Sound Booster feature

Image of people enjoying the Karaoke and DJ function on the SRS-XV900 wireless speaker

Sing and play the night away with the included Karaoke and DJ function

The XV900 comes with multiple input sockets, allowing you to hook up microphones or even plug in a guitar.

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